Sacrament or:
Meanwhile the earth has intercourse with the sun, and is impregnated for its yearly parturition

The polarity of chaos and order, through a manipulation of some of its diverse historical manifestations, is explored in this experimental performance lasting around an hour.

The electronic techniques employed are diverse, and include two vocalists performing on portable loudspeaker and microphone instruments, four musicians following scores genearted on laptops spread throughout the space, four radios, an analog mixer internally fed back, distortion pedals, an electroacoustic transducer vibrating a bowl of water, and a central installation consisting of three loudspeakers with voltage from batteries sent to them through contact points activated along a waterwheel.

It was written for double bassist Dario Calderone. Clothing designed by Maya Felixbrodt. Central installation created with Maya Verlaak.

[audio excerpts] [score excerpts]

Delta Centre for Contemporary Art, Den Haag, June 2011