Utility Poles

Dead trees line the streets, supporting cables carrying electricity in the absence of the living energy they once contained.

Six eight foot tall resonant chambers made out of commercially processed CDX plywood. A loudspeaker is attached to the top with a hole for air to pass through at the bottom. They function as large Helmholtz resonators/bass reflex loudspeakers with a strong low frequency response. As the loudspeakers are pointed up and at a height of eight feet, much of the projected sound emanates above the listener's head. The sound in the work consists of field recordings made using arrays of microphones spread over the distance of a city block, with each microphone at the site of a wooden utility pole bordering the exhibition space. Additionally, an antenna was constructed to record electromagnetic radiation emitted from the same utility poles. I walked from utility pole to utility pole, and once arriving at one, searched for disturbances and spectral variations of an ever present 60 hertz electrical hum.

Utility Poles by Robert Blatt
Sense|Signal, DXARTS Fab Lab, Seattle, March 2014

recording audio for Utility Poles by Robert Blatt
recording on the street