Three Blind Mice

Three performers are blindfolded; perhaps their faces are covered, and the lights may be turned off. Each performer holds a loudspeaker connected to an ultrasonic range finder. A noise source is played through the loudspeaker, and the detected distance determines the rate noise alternates with silence.

The performers have two listening-response states, that of sonic opposition and similarity. The work cycles between the performers alternating between these states.

The performers move slowly and continuously around the space(s) throughout the performance. Therefore, performer induced durations of noise and silence function as a directed responses to monitored performers, a navigational aide, and a means of emphasizing the architectural, biological and/or geological aspects of the space(s).

Gallery 1412, Seattle, 2014, with Gust Burns, Joel Ong and myself

instrument for Three Blind Mice by Robert Blatt

close-up of instrument for Three Blind Mice by Robert Blatt